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The Skill of Listening

SCHOOL, Inc is a Charter Education Partner

SCHOOL classes emphasize calm and concentration, both essential qualities for learning. Additional elements of SCHOOL classes include storytelling, positive affirmations and knowing how to turn a destructive reaction into a moment of pause.

Kids are taught the importance of a calm body, calm brain and calm heart.  In addition to learning to concentrate on the task at hand, they also learn how to pay more attention to the hearts of other. Thus, they learn how everyone feels better helping or being helped.

We teach kids values such as patience and compassion. We also teach life skills such as listening, pause and slowing down. Children learn that calm breathing is the first step to think more clearly and make good choices. Children learn certain movements that help to calm their feelings. We encourage strong and caring World Citizens who develop self-reliance and resilience. Whole brain functioning is addresses through movement, focus and sound. Whole heart functioning is developed, taking a more compassionate and respectful approach to others.

SCHOOL classes are designed to grow the motivation to use a calm breathing within the classroom. We encourage the skill of listening to one's classroom teacher.  With increased respect within the classroom, student to student and student to teacher, motivation for both teaching and learning strengthens and our public schools flourish.



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