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Ecological Mindfulness

Earth Day 2015: The Gifts of Peace

"The Gifts of Peace"

3-day action with the plenary of a school community in Piraeus

21st-23rd of April 2015


The action was dedicated to the gifts which peace is offering everyday, since our planet is urgently in need of these gifts. The initiative was also inspired by the 22nd of April, the world Mother Earth's day and its global celebration.

The 3-day action provided tools and techniques to pupils and teachers towards the achievement of peace interactions in their everyday life. It also familiarised experientially every participant with the qualities and practices of peaceful thoughts and actions.

An art intervetion was created in the school with the collaboration of the pupils, the teachers and an artist, one of the main facilitators of the initiative. The art installation is integrated in the school environment and constitutes "the peace and love niche", embracing in its ambience and space everybody present in the school premises.

The event reached its peak during the 3rd day when everybody participated in the peaceful march "the peace footsteps" in the neighbouring park.

The pupils experienced peaceful activism, shared emotions, expressed themselves, collaborated, learned, offered support to each other, discussed, created artworks, sang, became peace makers within their school and their life in overall (hopefully)! Peace seeds are planted within them. Pupils and teachers have taken the responsibility for their growth further on...


The peace gifts are sustainable and resilient. The more we offer them the more they become!

We express our gratitude to the teachers and the principal of the 50th Primary School of Piraeus for their contribution in the global awakening with the 3-day 'gifts of peace' action!


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