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The Poetry of Nature

Charles Fraser Poetry

© Skypixel | - Social Inequality


About Charles Fraser:

I have lived on the Dakelh territories for 40 years as an ally. Social justice approaches in all facets of my life is how I live everyday. My social work practice is anti-oppressive coupled with a de-colonized approach. I believe in the principles of a just and civil society for all, hoping that we all can become self-actualized. Presently we live in a neo- liberal world of cut-backs, roll-backs, privatization of universities, professions, non-unions, and undermining any kind of programs that would assist vulnerable populations, thus destroying the very structures that would bring about world peace. Canada has become a HAWK nation and is bombing countries in the Middle-East, a time when the world needs peacekeeping countries to set examples. We were that country at one time. I remain hopeful that a global participatory citizenship will one day self-activate and together march against neo-liberalism agendas that threaten our planet’s existence! My weapon of choice is passionate poetry, poem-grenades, designed to enlighten the reader to become instantly enlightened and become an activist for peace and love.

Robotic Justice

Slavery all but gone
Child labor lingers
Automation encouraged
Ensures high profits
Causing proletarians to lose jobs
Pitting workers against another
Locally and internationally
Anti-union, anti-safety codes,
Anything that restricts profits
Never even batted a lash
At the atrocity in Bangladesh
Spending millions on robots
To do away with working classes
Developing high tech
Artificial intelligence, who,
One day could destroy us all
Killer robot mercenaries
Being created in secrecy
By evil scientists
Dr. Frankenstein’s all
Doing away with proletarians
Culling the population
To be replaced by subservient robots
To do the bidding in the workplace, and
The battlefields, the world over
Taxpayer funds used to destroy us?
The global royalty rejoice
In the coming of the final solution!
No need of fair wages, safety codes,
Unions, benefits, pensions,
An end to collectivism, ushering in
Collateral economic damages
The earthly clearances of the poor
Has started, then the homeless,
Elderly, “the others”, unionists,
Progressives, poets, innocents...
And then, the killer robots
Develop a mind of their own, and
Destroy the global royalty, and
Enlist the aid of the poor to restore
Earth to its original state of Grace
Where citizens reach self-actualization
Under the gaze of mighty Robots.



I have been a social activist on many fronts for 45 years.
“Activism is the rent we pay for living on earth.”
Unfortunately the devil’s boney hand is knocking on the door with our eviction notice!!
I write poetry as my self-care and to inform a somewhat sleepy citizenship
That has been lulled to sleep by meanstream corporate media.
We are all earthlings, Mother Earth, our mother. It has become
Evident that psychopaths are running the planet for corporate greed!
Rhinos, elephants, bees, polar bears, gorillas, and other species are or are becoming
extinct!! This is unacceptable. Governments spend trillions of tax dollars on wars,
invasions, genocides, killing machinery; trillions on colonizing outer space. We
Should be spending those dollars on inner earth heart space! The ice-caps are melting,
No, not the ones at the coffee shops, the real ones!! We must come together to make
The needed changes for our planet and for all citizens to reach self-actualization!! Open
Hearts, roads, mics, minds, will allow a new paradigm of peaceful activism to bring
this planet in pain to a place of healing. I am a structural social worker working with
marginalized citizens, I’m a hope dealer! We can make a difference if we come together
and march together for the needed changes for a peaceful planet for every living thing on
this planet, all our relations!! Pro-action, Poetry or Prozac!! Peace and Love.


Bang Bang Theory

How horrid they are
Pretending to care about humanity
Sitting pious in their churches
Praising democracy whenever they can
Putting down the homeless
Despising the “others”
Invading countries for oil
To keep the war machines running
Under the guise of world peace
Yet make profits from selling weapons
To undeveloped countries
Encouraging them to wage civil war
And commit genocide by machetes
While the suit dogs of war watch.
The mass producers of arms
Sit smugly at the UN Security Council
Illusionary democracy
Played by the big people
For the profits are high
Their children re-enact the scenes
At school with assault rifles
Just like the ones dear old dad sold
It makes the 6 o’clock news
Another kid has run amuck
Followed by another genocidal act
Of machete injustice
Committed by local school children
Now deployed into the military
Another arms shipment arrives
And the TV announcer claims
That humanitarian aid of food
Will arrive soon
President Bush announces his outrage
Over these senseless school yard killings
But on a positive note:
The invasion of Iraq goes well
“we shocked and awed them pretty good”
And they all prayed together for
Ever lasting world peace...
Praise the Lord and sell more ammo!


And the Dolphins Cried

In the stillness of your soul
Listen intently to your inner voice
Trying to make sense of it all
Offering directions
To reach your destination
Covert messages you decipher
Meditate above the candlelight
Sit in awe of universal silence
Life unfolds like Rose to morning sun
Revealing hidden meanings of stored memories
That informs your sojourn
New coordinates programmed into your computer
The scent of Jasmine brings peace of mind
Focused breathing
Brings a state of neutrality
Alone on an imaginary mountain top
Almost touching sparkling stars
Your soul becomes one with creation
Transcending light years
Across galaxies yet named
Beyond comprehension of mortals
Instantly transformed beyond understanding
Becoming stardust, a twinkle in the sky
My earthly vessel
Becomes renewed, aligned, balanced
Awaiting its soul’s return
For tomorrow the journey starts
Upon a planet in pain
We, the enlightened ones,
Called to awaken light keepers
And passionate others
These are days of darkness
Prayers answered quickly
Miracles occur in plain sight
Cries of Dolphins and Polar bears,
Heard across the universe
Cosmic forces of peace and love
Does this way come.
Reclaiming the potential of Mother Earth.
To those with hard hearts
Your days are numbered...


Smell of Honey

Dreary evening end
Dull and grey
Little Bee
Hovers tiny yellow blooms
Insignificant to some
But yet,
Little Bee attends to this flower
As she would a Rose,
Perhaps more beautiful
Then this little Flora
Her head, she puts, into
Floral bell,
One after another,
Never stopping, driven,
Mind set, deliberate,
Task orientated, buzzing,
Then flies away
To next waiting blooms
Never a personal thought
Or flight pattern,
Committed to the task at wing
For Queen and country (side)
Dedicated workers never tire
Willing to take a stinger, if need be(e)
Every earthy move protects the hive
Greed and individualism
Can be found on forest floor
Beneath grey paper orbs
Where lifeless Drones,
And marauding Hornets lie still.
Little Bees, little Bees,
How I envy thee...


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