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Trying to Protect the Sacred

An Incredible Gesture from Wounda to Jane Goodall

It was in June 2013; Wounda, a female chimpanzee, who was rescued by the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) found freedom in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Before saying goodbye to humans who had taken care of her, the primate hugged Jane Goodall, the primatologist legendary icon of the protection of nature. A gesture of surprising humanity.

Wounda was a baby chimpanzee when poachers killed her mother, as reported by Gentside Discovery. She was then collected by Rehabilitation Center Chimps Tchimpounga. Teams from the JGI fed the little female. This was a critical period for Wounda who was plagued by several diseases. But Wounda resisted and trainers worked to prepare her for her reintroduction into the wild.

The monkey was transported to the island of Tchindzoulou, Democratic Republic of the Congo. There, her cage was opened. Wounda came out, inspected the site, and before exploring her new habitat Wounda embraced her keeper and Jane Goodall, global specialist on chimpanzees. 

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