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Trying to Protect the Sacred

An Indigenous Call for Restoration

The Fourth Way – For the Sake of the Human Family and Mother Earth 

The spiritual foundation of the reunion of the Condor and the Eagle is based in the understanding of the fundamental oneness and unity of all life. All members of the Human Family are part of the ancient Sacred Circle of Life. Since we are all part of the Sacred Circle of Life we are all Indigenous Peoples of our Mother Earth. This makes every Human Being responsible for the well-being of one another and for all living things upon Mother Earth.

Nation states, multinational corporations, or international development agencies that surround us may or may not participate with us at this time. But clearly, Indigenous Peoples and allies are moving forward in rebuilding and reunifying the Americas and beyond, guided by the natural laws and guiding principles inherent in our indigenous world view and legal order.

1. We have ancient prophecies and the clear vision of a future of social justice and collective prosperity for the Americas and beyond. This new global civilization, unfolding as promised by the Ancient Ones and the Ancient of Days, fully honors the natural law and rights of Mother Earth and the unity and diversity of the Human Family.  This new spiritual springtime foretold by our Elders is now unfolding globally, as sure as the sun rises every morning.

2. We have a strong, enduring, and unbreakable spiritual foundation of cultural values and guiding principles that have empowered us to survive and arise, with greater strength and wisdom than ever, after a great spiritual wintertime. This long spiritual wintertime was filled, at times, with the utmost human cruelty, violence, injustice, abuse, and physical and cultural genocide.

Despite these challenges, throughout the Americas and around Mother Earth, Indigenous Peoples are reawakening to their spiritual and cultural identities. They are healing our sacred relationships among ourselves, Mother Earth, and all members of the Human Family.

3. Together, with our other Indigenous Peoples and members of the Human Family, we have the cultural, spiritual, scientific, technological, social, environmental, economic and agricultural capacities and wisdom needed to co-create and rebuild our families, tribes, and nations stronger and more unified than ever before.

4. The Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth have the growing collective social and economic capital, coupled with vast natural resources, to bring our greatest dreams and visions to reality. This includes fully protecting, preserving, and restoring our beloved Mother as the sacred heritage of all generations yet to come!

Furthermore it is crystal clear that these collective resources are in the process of empowering us to become a primary spiritual and economic force, not only in the Americas, but throughout Mother Earth.

We are now and are destined in the future to play a greater and greater role as key global leaders wisely mandate the sustainable and harmonious ways Mother Earth’s gifts and resources will or will not be developed! We will insure that when the development of the natural resources of Mother Earth are not sustainable, no matter how much profit is to be made, they will not be developed!

Our sacred places and the healthful life of our beloved Mother Earth are not for sale and exploitation for any price!

5. We, the Indigenous Peoples of the Eagle of the North (Canada and the U.S.) have the material resources to directly support our Indigenous Relatives of the Condor of the South (Latin America) in developing their collective resources, as they choose. The Condor of the South equally has critical resources to share with the Eagle of the North. Our greatest strength to be fully realized is our spiritual and cultural unity.

6.  By utilizing emerging digital communication technologies and corresponding green technologies, especially solar energy and sustainable economies, in harmony with our vast, social, economic, cultural, and spiritual capacities, we will manifest, as promised, a future with social, environmental, and economic justice for all members of the Human Family and our beloved Mother Earth!

7. The primary challenge facing us as in rebuilding the Americas and beyond is disunity. This disunity has been directly caused by genocide and colonialism. This genocide and colonization has resulted in unresolved inter-generational trauma and internalized oppression that is the process of being fully recognized and addressed.

As we move courageously and wisely forward, in greater and greater love, compassion, justice, and unity, we are reconnecting to our enduring and unbreakable spiritual and cultural foundation for healing and reconciliation. Together we can move in a unified action to restore and protect the Sacred everywhere on  Mother Earth.

With the realization of this spiritual and cultural foundation for prayerful, wise, and unified action, all that is needed for our ultimate victory will gracefully and assuredly unfold at the right times and places, as foretold by our Ancient Ones.

Read original article by Phil Lane at The Interfaith Observer



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