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Trying to Protect the Sacred

Shimon Steinberg: Natural Pest Control... Using Bugs!

Shimon Steinberg is chief scientist at Bio-Bee, a world leader in mass production of the world's best natural, biological control agents: bugs. 

Beneficial bugs are replacing the use of chemical sprays in greenhouse vegetables and open field crops, producing pesticide-free food and eliminating hazardous exposure of millions of workers in third world countries.

These insects are shipped worldwide, where they go to work protecting thousands of hectares of greenhouses and open fields, in vegetables, field crops, fruit trees, ornamental plants and more.


"My dream is to narrow the gap even more by finding more robust and reliable good bugs we can mass produce or conserve in the field, as well as create more public demand for natural pest control and increase awareness among growers."


Watch Shimon Steinberg's Ted Talk


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