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Global Read

My Act of Heart

by Anjali G. Sharma & Deepika Ahuja


My Act of Heart

We are excited to offer our Global Read for Kids and Company:

My Act of Heart
Celebrating Real Acts of Compassion by Children from Around the World.

Ideated and curated by Anjali G. Sharma & Deepika Ahuja


This Global Read was held on Saturday, July 8, 9 am Pacific Time 
Check your local times using this date/time converter.

Cost: Suggested donation $10 US.
We will offer this program free to those whose resources are limited.

Watch a recording of the program here

Immerse yourself into these heart-warming illustrated stories of how children from India, Pakistan, Australia and other parts of the world have chosen to act from empathy and love when faced with real-life challenges.

Let them inspire you and together, let us make compassion a global movement. Along with stories, there are activities at end of each chapter that children can themselves do, to build their empathy muscle. What makes this book unique is that they are true moral and value based stories whose heroes are children living amongst us.


About the Authors

Anjali G Sharma is a development sector professional, an acclaimed writer and a grassroots educator who is working to impact lives of girls from underserved communities to raise them on their aspirations and opportunities. She leads education initiatives at Charter for Compassion in India. In the past, she has had a corporate experience of more than a decade working in telecom sector in India and abroad. Carrying forward the corporate excellence, she now helps non-profits in the education space across various domains to maximize impact.

Anjali is a TEDx speaker who was felicitated with the Women Achievers’ Award on International Women’s Day 2021 and the IBM award 2021 for “Making a Difference” for her contribution towards the cause of education. She is the winner of the prestigious Orange Flower Award by Womens’ Web– Runners Up trophy – 2023 for nurturing community of girls from less privileged backgrounds. She was also a finalist at the Orange Flower Award for her writing in 2020 and 2021 for writing on social impact and Women at Work. Her work has appeared in the anthology Escape Velocity (2018) by Write &Beyond, Write in Power (2021) by Hidden Pen Collective, My Act of Heart (2022) and Amity: Peace Poems(2022) by Hawakal Publishers. She contributes regularly to various online and print publications writing on social and topical issues.

She feels strongly towards reinforcing the idea of compassion being synonymous with courage and making compassion a worldwide movement for everyone to embrace. 


Deepika Ahuja is a happiness coach and an insurance analytics expert and works in the corporate sector. She has been selected as “51 Most Fabulous Happiness leaders in the world” by the World HRD Congress. She got recognized among “Iconic women creating a better world for all” by Women Economic Forum in 2020 and was felicitated with the Grandqueens Leadership Award in the area of mental wellness.

In 2019, she authored the book “Demystifying Happiness” and has garnered a lot of appreciation from the readers. My Act of Heart (2022) is her second published work. Born and raised in Dehradun, she now lives in Bengaluru with her husband and two kids, Lakshya and Inaya. She likes to spend her free time with her little munchkins, do volunteer work especially in the area of Education and read and watch about Positive Psychology.


About the Host Shane O´Connor, GoldenRuleism Coordinator

Shane has worked internationally as a facilitator, trainer and educator in a wide range of areas from Peace and Global Education, Youth Work for professionals to teacher training workshops. He has more than two decades of experience working for local peace and human rights organizations, as well as larger International NGOs and educational institutions in the Global North and South. Over the past number of years, Shane has developed & led the CIT (Compassionate Integrity Training) Education Initiative and Coordinated the Global Education Network. He has also nurtured CITs strategic partnership with UNESCO/MGIEP. Now having joined the Charter for Compassion in 2022, in the Education Sector as the Golden Ruleism Coordinator, he continues co-creating and expanding compassion throughout the education community around the world.



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