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Sikh Volunteers Australia

Food is a basic human need. Without adequate food and nutrition, other needs often go unmet. Sikh Volunteers Australia, recognizes this need in their community and works to fill the hunger gap through their inclusive, volunteer-driven food pick-up kitchen, food van, and food delivery service.

As their website makes clear, the Victoria-based Sikh Volunteers Australia lives by their motto “In the service of humanity, love all and share all” by inviting volunteers to man their meal pick-up kitchen, twice-weekly food van pick-up service, and their twice-weekly food delivery for individuals and families. While the van seeks to serve disadvantaged and needy individuals and families, the food delivery service page more specifically targets such recipients as the elderly, single parents, the self-isolated, international students, and the untraditionally housed, as well as any individual or family facing hardship or need, with the intent to “relieve distress through hunger alleviation.” The organization also accepts donations of vegetarian rations for their food preparation, including their Tiffin pick-up meals.

While the group’s initial work helped individuals and groups in Victoria, it is working to expand to other parts of Australia. The varieties of ways they are making this happen are by teaming with other non-profit organizations and local councils, planning events, and delivering food and water to areas ravaged by natural disasters. As a result of their compassionate work, Sikh Volunteers Australia has won multiple awards, including Australian Human Rights Heroes 2020 and Premier’s Award for Community Harmony 2021.

Sikh Volunteers Australia provides an inclusive volunteer model worthy of emulation in your own community to help alleviate the global hunger problem. For more information and ideas, please visit their site at Sikh Volunteers Australia.



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