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Confronting + Improving Healthcare Practices

Andy Bradley – Closing the Compassion Gap

Andy Bradley has spent much of his adult life feeling unsettled. Having grown up around his mother’s pioneering vision of inclusion and compassion for all and spending time in and around a large Victorian psychiatric institution and later seeing his family home become home to 20 people with various challenges including dementia Andy has a script that says we all belong, we all have something to give, we all matter.

Andy Bradley's TEDx talk: Closing the Compassion Gap

The pervasive culture in health, social care seems to Andy to dehumanise and objectify. Andy stands for a shift to a consistently compassionate response in which suffering is met with kindness and we are all encouraged to flourish.

Andy leads the way in the UK in calling for a paradigm shift in health and social care so that compassion becomes the keystone habit which will transform the culture. He imagines a world in which when we are vulnerable we can rely on those who care for us to be kind; a world in which those who give care are recognised and appreciated.

Influences from mindfulness traditions and a relentless search for what transforms people and organisations has led Andy to a focus on some simple habits that can change the way people live their lives and care for each other.

Andy has appeared on BBC TV and Radio and is recognised as one of ‘Britain’s New Radicals’ by NESTA and The Observer. Andy lives in Hove with his soul mate Kirsty and their two wonder children Jack and Rosie.

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