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The Importance of Mindfulness

Mindfulness, Empathy & Compassion: The Building Blocks of a Mindful Nation


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australia21Report of a forum held at the University of Melbourne

June 10, 2016


As the Honorary President of the UK Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group, I want to express my congratulations to Australia21 who, with others are working to bring Australia into the global discussions on the application of mindfulness into government, business and community sectors.

The UK All-Party Parliamentary Mindfulness group was set up to review the scientific evidence and current best practice in mindfulness training; develop policy recommendations for government, based on these findings; provide a forum for discussion in Parliament and beyond for the role of mindfulness and its implementation in public policy.

The Mindful Nation UK report, outlined a number of evidence-based recommendations sourced directly from experienced implementers, that urged policymakers to invest resources in further pilot studies and increase public access to qualified trainers.

Through the Mindfulness Initiative, I am pleased to say that now, well over fifty precent of these recommendations have now been implemented in health, education, and criminal justice sectors.

This Australia21 forum included empathy and compassion alongside mindfulness and with the current level of political uncertainty in the world these issues need urgent attention in creating a better future for all.

I look forward to working with the Australian group who will provide the framework and resources to progress this important initiative alongside the other initiatives already occurring throughout the world.

- Chris Ruane (Honorary President, UK Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group)

Continue to read the full report, here (PDF).