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Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada Expresses Its Alarm

The Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada expresses its alarm as we witness the escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas, resulting in the killing and injuring of thousands of civilians. The Interfaith Council is dedicated to promoting peace, justice, and healing.

We stand against all violence that targets innocent civilians, whether terrorism or war. The Interfaith Council recognizes the complexity of this conflict and calls upon governments, international bodies, religious members of all faiths, and civil society organizations to bring about an immediate cessation to the violence and the initiation of a new round of peace negotiations leading to a sustainable peace. Violence and war rarely resolve underlying conflict. Most casualties - nearly 80 percent - end up being civilians, including women, and children. We urge all parties involved to safeguard the safety and security of their citizens. 

May Peace Prevail in the Holy Land. May Peace Prevail on Earth. May the Spirit of Peace guide all parties forward.



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