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Kira Carrillo Corser

Kira Carrillo Corser is a Compassionate Arts in Action Artist known for helping create compassionate communities.


Kira Carrillo Corser

Kira Carrillo Corser’s artwork has been on national broadcasts with President Clinton and President Carter, exhibited in the Smithsonian, the National Steinbeck Center, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, The California Center For the Arts and the Carter Center. She is on the leadership team for Compassionate California, and Compassionate San Diego. She is known for helping create compassionate communities. She has a Masters in Fine Art and Bachelors degree in Journalism.

The Healing Angels International Series came from her own battle with cancer and her 20 years of work to help kids use creative coping skills against stress, illness and loss. Kira realized how few of angels and guardians were represented  as people of color, so she was inspired to share joy, hope and healing through her art. Some of her paintings, photographs and projects can be seen on her website

Kira co-founded 4 current collaborative projects: 

  1. The Wellness for Children Project produces creative tools for teaching coping skills for young children and families
  2. Posts for Peace and Justice creates collaborative public art in 5 states with over 4,000 participants
  3. Compassionate Arts in Acton  has worked in 18 cities with musicians, environmentalists and medical professionals working for causes
  4. Sea Changes ACT brings together scientists, educators and artists working on climate and environmental issues

She worked as Staff Photographer  for PBS for 10-years, taught at CSU Monterey Bay for 8-years, and produced major art projects in California, Minnesota, Georgia, and Washington DC. She has 4-award-winning exhibitions and books with poet Frances Payne Adler showing in state capitals, universities, galleries, and the US Senate and Congress buildings.  Kira brings together the arts with activists, scientists and educators to strengthen personal health and communities.  Her work is based in promoting hope, while giving communities a collaborative intergenerational visual voice on issues they care about.



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