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Understanding our Differences + Similarities

Revelation at Laikipia, Kenya to Chief Tamale Bwoya

Blessed Fisherman family & Golden Fish by Twins Seven Seven (2006)

Chief Tamale Bwoya

On 4th March 2012 at about 3.00 am. I, Chief Tamale Bwoya, was awakened up by a voice that said “wake up chief.” I woke up and sat on the bed inside the tent I was sleeping in. 

Nature opened up its screen. On the screen, I saw a panel of judgment. There in the dock sat men of all races as they seem to be on Earth and each of them was dressed in a uniform manner but with distinctive colors, waiting for judgment. (These men were a blueprint of the men on Earth and were directly responsible and accountable for the mistakes of men they respectively stood for on Earth).

The voice spoke again, “the world was put in the hands of the chiefs, but you failed in your work. Can you guarantee now that humanity is ready to rehabilitate its relationship with Nature?”

Inside me, it seemed very difficult to change the way people behaved towards natural life. The destruction of the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the entire ecosystem, through modernization, scientific inventions, social and political greed, hatred etc. I could not answer; instead tears started flowing down my eyes. Deep inside me I felt guilty of human actions and mistakes.

The men occupied the same space in the dock and were given everything in equal proportions, opportunities and judgment.  Very interestingly, the mistake of a particular race was adding up to the total of human mistakes on the water-base-scale and humanity was to be condemned in totality, not in single units. The judgment panel and its people were at a higher level and the Earth was far below appearing to be in semi-darkness. On the left hand side, there were women all dressed in ice-white (like the Indian sisters we were with who are based in Kenya) but without anything covering their heads. These women were very busy and very fast recording and filling. It appeared as if they were recording human works on Earth and the scores were automatically reflecting on the water-base-scale. 

The water-base-scale automatically registers all human activities, both positive and negative, and the effect of each race could directly change the level of water base regardless of the race (whether caused by Africans, Indians, Europeans etc.).

The water-base-scale was registering human performance in totality (positive + negative = change on scale). The water-base-scale has an over-flowing point, which if ever reached and water overflows, even by a single drop, it would automatically activate an invisible potential enormous force above the men on the panel of judgment that would dissolve humanity with all the wild life. It is at this point that man will have condemned himself to dissolution through his own actions, irrespective of whether any of the races did better or the other destroyed Nature more. All humanity will dissolve beginning with the men on the panel of judgment and the world would follow with all the wild life that was put under human supervision and care.

At this point the world will be cleansed of all the badness, bloodstains, hatred etc. Mountains and non-living materials on Earth will not be condemned together with man. Instead all will automatically return to their original forms and places. Man will just dissolve away, and all will disappear in thin air. There will be no more cars or skyscrapers to be seen. No nuclear bases, or shuttles, or airplanes to be seen on Earth anymore. The world will go back to its original form. All wild life and man-made objects will go with him.

On the water-base-scale there remained very little space to reach the overflowing point. It appeared that if man maintained the pace at which he destroys the environment (Nature), within very few years humanity will be no more. The only chance was that if man changes his ways today, in respect to Nature and environment, the water-base will automatically drop, giving humanity a bigger chance.

After a moment of silence, I asked “who are the chiefs?” (since I was told by the voice in the beginning that the world was put in the hand of the chiefs). I was shown a pictorial message of all the men and women from all over the world, gathered at Laikipia Natural Conservancy in a group. The  voice spoke again: “Those are the chiefs of your generation”.

After a moment of silence, I saw Nature closing its screen and after some time I laid on the bed ready to sleep though deeply in thoughts. The voice spoke again. “That message is not for you, record it, you have to tell them”. I woke up and recorded the message using a small torch.



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