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Centre for Integrative Health

Spring Hill, Queensland, Australia

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Centre for Integrative Health (Spring Hill, Queensland, Australia)

After completing her doctoral research in the psychology of eating behaviour and weight management, CFIH's founding director, Dr. Kiera Buchanan, set about applying her research findings to practice in hope of better addressing the 'obesity epidemic'. Since then Dr Kiera has presented at conferences and trained health professions throughout Australia and New Zealand. Through her experience in the field, Kiera noted the lack of integration between different treating professionals and the subsequent gaps in treatment for clients. As such, Kiera opened her own practice aimed at improving the physical- and mental-health of clients, using an integrated multidisciplinary approach, informed by the latest evidence.

Today, CFIH is a team of Clinical Psychologists, Health Psychologists, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Exercise Physiologists, Personal Trainers, and Health Coaches who work collaboratively to ensure the best possible outcomes in a wide range of physical and mental-health conditions.



Spring Hill, Queensland, Australia




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