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Land of Peace - Agakiza

Troms, Norway

Partners K-O

Land of Peace - Agakiza (Troms, Norway)

The fruits of peace grow on the trees of love when seeds of love are sown on the land of peace. Our world needs people skilled in the art of waging peace now more than ever, people are killed because of who they are, because of their ethnic or their race and where they come from but no one ever choose where, whom and how to be born. In other to fight  for a better future for young generation, we focus on the art of waging peace through peace-building process, the use of dialogue in conflict resolutions and the  culture of peace defined as an integral approach of preventing violence and violent conflicts, and an alternative to the culture of war and violence based on education for peace, the promotion of sustainable economic and social development, respect for human rights, dignity, gender equality, democratic participation, tolerance, the free flow of information and disarmament.



Tromso, Norway



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