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Mental Health Chaplaincy Seattle

Seattle, WA, USA

Partners K-O

Mental Health Chaplaincy Seattle (Seattle, WA, USA)

We are a people who believe in the healing and life-giving power of a companioning relationship. Many of us have been touched by mental illness and/or trauma in our lives, making us what Jung would call “wounded healers.” We care deeply for our neighbors. Because of this, we seek to create a safe space of connection to those who are most isolated, and to provide a space of support for those engaging in the work of companioning and caregiving.

When Craig Rennebohm founded the Chaplaincy, there was great need for a street presence in Seattle–for compassionate and empathic neighbors reaching out to those living on the streets in need of connection, housing, healing, or other resources. A primary portion of Craig’s work, initially, was to be that street presence, reaching out to folks who, in many cases, had no one else reaching out to them. 

Today, there are several organizations providing for this critical need. The MHC continues maintain a companioning presence on the street, and at meal programs and shelters such as Community Lunch and Noel House. In addition to direct presence, we  partner with established outreach organizations, outreach organizations in formation, and faith communities, providing support, consultation, and trainings.

Our foundational training is Companionship Training, and we are developing new trainings to expand upon this training, such as Mental Health 101 and Trauma 101.



Seattle, Washington, USA



Mental Health Chaplaincy



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