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Meseret Humanitarian Organization

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Partners K-O

Meseret Humanitarian Organization (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Meseret Humanitarian Organization (MHO) is an initiative to reduce vulnerability among children and women is a registered humanitarian organization, founded by Wayzaro Meseret Azage with registration certificate number 2455. MHO is governed by 7 highly skilled board members with over 25 years of experience in humanitarian works, professional judicial and livelihood specialties. MHO is also supported by volunteers and individual donors.


Our Objectives

  • Develop the livelihood of destitute women and OVCs in the Country. 
  • Create awareness in communities on social issues. 
  • Provide food allowance for individuals with a serious problem. 
  • To minimize and avoid gender gaps 
  • Devise effective marketing networks that will enable women to find reliable outlets to sell their products. 
  • Provide self-help and skill training for women in different income generating schemes and to facilitate micro finance service for woman who completed their training. 
  • MHO Target Groups
    • Poor children age 4-14 selected from the Kebele and schools. 
    • Girls and young women age 14-30 who are survivors of violence or who are exposed to socio-economic destitution. 



Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



Facebook page: Meseret Humanitarian Organization



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