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Presents of Mind Hypnosis

Atlanta, GA, USA

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Presents of Mind Hypnosis (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Becky Shanks is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and sound healing practitioner.

Becky's hypnotic healing practice incorporates singing bowls and Reiki to facilitate a process that unmasks your most authentic Self. In applying the inherent power of the subconscious mind, firmly rooted patterns and limiting beliefs are quickly modified with suggestion, story telling, guided imagery, NLP, singing bowls, and Reiki. Hypnotherapy is powerful, subtle, and the results are lasting. Becky facilitates a process that empowers you to release limitation and literally change your mind.

Becky can teach you to let go of looping thoughts, stay present and focused, manage energy, and ultimately move forward from a more empowered, clarified perspective. Learn to recognize, acknowledge, and nurture the voice of your inner child, while aligning with the guidance of your Higher Self. Becky attracts lots of awakening empaths who are ready to prioritize and fall in love with the Self, as well as step fully into their power.

Becky has experienced great success helping people shift from anxious, depressed and grieving to feeling safe, comfortable, and joyous in this ever-changing, present moment. She is honored to help you let go of addictive behaviors and build intimacy, while deepening your connection to yourself and others. She loves working with artists, creatives, children, and those who are walking a spiritual path. Each highly individualized experience is unique, and includes a recording of the customized session designed to support you on this transformative journey.



Atlanta, GA, USA



Presents of Mind Hypnosis

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