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The Order of Earth Non Profit V3W LLC For Profit

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

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The Order of Earth Non Profit V3W LLC For Profit (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA)

The Order of Earth is an exploratory global conversation of the living principles, critical thinking and possible possibilities of creating a new configurative understanding for human sustainability within the notion of elder wisdom as a future spiritual and scientific institution that provides leadership in human ecology and cultural transformation. 

The current conversation is a conversation of possibility and invites a mood of speculative reflection on the notion. One way to begin is to reflect on your current permanent human concerns, breakdowns and the impact or lack of impact of elder wisdom in your life today. What significance have elders been or are in your current life, family, learning, socially, wellbeing, and work? Or who in the world history is an elder voice of wisdom you listen to? If you were to vote for one elder in the world who it be and why?

The Order of Earth NGO is turning 13 years old on May 3, 2015. Our collaborative learning for mutual liberation between the Lakota ancient oral life ways and emerging systems view of living is ready to enter global orbit as a learning community. Our deliberate intention from the outset was to create a for profit social funding mechanism for the conservation of elder we(i)sdom continuums. RA (Colorado C-Corp 5.30.1984) V3W Colorado LLC 10.28.1998) entered back into future business after a 15 year hiatus. We have gathered trust in spectacular diversity as a hunting party for the next big game. There are tremendous possibilities in the creative collapsing opportunities IF we build a unity bundle conserving our biology of love, compassion and harness our trust P2P in adequate radical effective actions. We are committed to designing a child centric future world together in the nobility of our ancestral ecological knowing we(i)sdom today. Please feel free and invited to join in our emergent adolescent period as we take on projects with a minimum 10 year span of time.



Charlottesville, Virginia, USA



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