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The Wild Ones

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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The Wild Ones (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

We're All in This Together

The Middle Way aims to elevate individual and collective wellness through workshops, classes, consulting, and media.

We blend principles and practices from biological science, behavioral science, and spirituality to help people, and the planet, reach their highest potential.


What is “The Middle Way?”

“The Middle Way” is a term coined by the Buddha c. 2500 years ago. It refers to the path he prescribed for ending suffering—one that includes “noble” actions and avoiding tempting extremes. The Middle Way also refers to the balance of order and chaos as depicted in the Taoist Yin/Yang symbol.

The Middle Way Consulting is grounded in these ancient principles. It uses both ancient wisdom and contemporary science to help individuals and larger systems find wellness. Our vision is to enhance human beings’ awareness of our interconnection in service of evolving people and the planet.



To provide education, training, and support for individuals and groups that cultivates well-being and facilitates positive behavior change.



To help human beings realize our interconnectedness and take pragmatic steps to fulfill individual and collection potentials.


3 Founding Principles


Everything is interconnected and interdependent—from the cells in our bodies, to the teams we work with, to the world, itself. The laws that govern the micro (i.e., individual) also apply to the macro (i.e., collective). As we reach our potentials individually, the collective follows.


Compassionate Awareness

Knowing our interconnectedness, we recognize the “common humanity” in others. Compassion for self and others dissolves unhelpful self-identification. This paves the way for pragmatic action.



We do what works, because it works—not based on predetermined belief systems. This might change across space and time—in a dynamic system, what works depends on context. By loosening our grip on attachment to identity and ideology, we are free to answer the question, “what actions most reduce suffering?” 



Los Angeles, CA, USA



The Middle Way



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