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Bellingham, WA, USA

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TriBEka (Bellingham, WA, USA)


To provide multifaceted approaches that would transform Deaf and Hard of Hearing womyn  from all aspects of life globally into educated individuals through empowerment, enrichment and advocacy.


TriBEka is a holistic wellness centre that focuses on the life guidance needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Womyn who are experiencing life situations that inhibit them from understanding the importance of developing healthy relationships with themselves in all aspects: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, cultural and linguistic. 

TriBEka is a For Profit Social Enterprise (FOPSE) with a social responsibility of empowering Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities to demonstrate the ability to become a self sustainable Deafhood community through positive social change and through transformation of community support system.



Bellingham, Washington, USA



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