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Marina, CA, USA

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WIISWest (Marina, CA, USA)

WIISWest is the US West Coast chapter of Women In International Security which is the premier global network of women and men dedicated to advancing the leadership and professional development of women in international peace and security. With more than 7,000 members in 47 countries, WIIS (pronounced “wise”) also supports research, analysis, and policy engagement on the critical nexus between gender and international security.

At WIISWest, we define "security" broadly to encompass a range of issues from counter-terrorism, defense and arms control to conflict prevention, peace-building, human rights and environmental security. Our areas of focus change based upon the interests and concerns of our members. Presently, we are focused

  • Cyber Security
  • Environmental Security (Includes, but not limited to: Alternative Energy, Water Security, Climate Change, Natural Disasters, and Natural Habitat Preservation) 
  • Human Trafficking
  • U.N. Resolution 1325
  • Peace Leadership and Education
  • Bridging innovation, creativity, and tradtional approcahes to create a new era of Women, Peace, and Security



Marina, CA, USA