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Grassroots Wisdom Book

Citizens UK

When looking at the work of Citizens UK, "grassroots" easily comes to mind. Since 1989, Citizens UK has intensively trained over 4,000 individuals in community organizing and "several thousand more have been equipped with the tools to pursue social change through shorter, local training days," according to their website.

Organizations that have utilized these trainings include churches, universities and schools, cities and neighborhoods, and a variety of organizations, all seeking to make a difference where they are.

Long-standing programs offered by Citizens UK include PACT (Parents and Communities Together), Sponsor Refugees, Refugees and Migrants Welcome, and Living Wage Foundation. PACT works to "improve the health and development outcomes for young children"; Sponsor Refugees to train and establish sponsors for refugees entering the UK; Refugees and Migrant Welcome to develop leaders among migrant, refugee and diaspora communities; and Living Wage Foundation to increase wages for low-income wage earners. Each of these projects emphasizes help for underrepresented groups through the compassion and commitment of everyday people and groups, like you and yours.

Citizens UK's webpage offers inspirational examples of the real difference grassroots community organizing makes in the lives of people.

Find your inspiration at Citizen's UK website.


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