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Seda: Voices of Iran


Cost of Living 

How does our community compare to other communities 
of similar size in:

Food availability and distribution

Housing availability and affordability

Transportation availability and safety

Utilities availability and consistency 

Healthcare availability, equity and quality

 (Note that for the U.S., you can make this comparison on several website calculators such as

Employment Rate/Job Opportunities 

What is the current and projected employment rate 
in our community? 

 (Note:  For those in the U.S. on the Bureau of Labor website, you can find statistics by county and metro area:

Are local businesses involved in offering paid and unpaid internships to students and other groups (i.e., homeless, women and other marginalized groups)?

How does our community encourage the development of new jobs?

Poverty and Income Equality 

In our community:

What portion of the population lives in poverty?

What is the income distribution among our population?

(Note:  Information on population demographics, housing, income, poverty, and businesses, are available on the U.S. Census Bureau website: .  Wikipedia offers similar information for most countries along with notes and references. )

Are wages paid by local businesses adequate to support individuals and families?

How does our community address income inequality?

Local Business 

Are the businesses in our community thriving?

(For those in the U.S. see U.S. Census Bureau for statistics: Wikipedia offers similar information under "Economy" for most countries.)

How would our community define a “compassionate economy?” 

Are there businesses in our community that strive to put “people first” instead of focusing exclusively on bottom line profits?

Are businesses encouraged to support the good of the whole community?

Do businesses sponsor opportunities to learn about business ethics?

Are there programs that support dialogue about such topics as how the economy is related to the “common good,” the concepts of “conscious capitalism,” and alternatives such as Genuine Progress Indicators  (GPI) or Gross National Happiness (GNH) for measuring economic success?

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

End extreme poverty, including hunger.

Promote economic growth and decent jobs within planetary boundaries.

Ensure effective learning for all children and youth for life and livelihood.

Improve agricultural systems and raise rural prosperity.

Empower inclusive, productive, and resilient cities.

Curb human-induced climate change and ensure sustainable energy.

Secure biodiversity and ensure good management of water, oceans, forests, and natural resources.

Transform governance and technologies for sustainable development.

“The World We Want 2015” Priorities:

Affordable and nutritious food

Reliable energy at home

Better job opportunities

Protecting forests, rivers and oceans


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