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Sector Team

Sector Team

Sector Team

Illustration by Allison Renee


Barbara Kaufmann, CFC Lead for the Arts Sector, writer and contributor to the Voices Education Project

Barbara, “One Wordsmith” discovered a long time ago, the power in words, images and "story” to change the world. Told with art, music, words, photos, images, film, "story" can grab the human heart, squeeze it, burst it open and send a corona of inspired-creative-human-brilliance shimmering through mass consciousness, the world and the Universe itself. A single image can reverberate round the globe and startle humanity awake. Founder of  “Words and Violence” Program about bullying in all its forms on this planet, and writer for Voices Education Project, Charter for Compassion, a Huffington Post contributor, poet, artist, scriptwriter and filmmaker—Barbara “writes to simply change the world.” Her ministry and life’s work is dedicated to “establishing a more humane narrative on this planet.”


IMG-5135Paula Swenson

Paula is our volunteer supporting SDG #15: Life on Land. She creates art and workshops focusing on compassion for the environment and creativity as a channel for global communication and understanding of the interdependence of all living things. Nature is a constant inspiration, brought up amongst forests, fields, lakes and streams, she learned to love and protect the wild places and creatures as she learned to walk, talk and draw. Her artwork creates bridges connecting people back to the natural world.

Curiosity and exploration are the keys to a more creative world. Part of Paula's mission is to revive slumbering creativity in others and promote more creative thinking for creative solutions to our climate crisis and our societal dysfunction.

For nearly 2 decades Paula worked as an Artist-in-Residence with the National Endowment for the Arts, the Washington State Arts Commission and the King County Arts Commission, working with diverse populations in schools, prisons, Veterans Administration Hospitals and community-based programs. For the last 20 years Paula has traveled, taught, and created in 9 countries learning from and about other cultures. Her current home is in the forested hills of North Central Portugal.

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