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Seda: Voices of Iran

Iranian Proverbs

Common Proverbs from Iran

Acquaintance without patience is like a candle with no light.

A blind man who sees is better than a sighted man who is blind.

A broken hand works, but not a broken heart. A drowning man is not troubled by rain. A stone thrown at the right time is better than gold given at the wrong time. An egg thief becomes a camel thief. Death is a camel that lies down at every door.

Every tear has a smile behind it.

God provides, but He needs a nudge. He who has been bitten by a snake fears a piece of string. He who wants a rose must respect the thorn. In the ants' house the dew is a flood. Injustice all round is justice!

Listening to good advice is the way to wealth.

Stretch your foot to the length of your blanket.



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