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Seda: Voices of Iran

Yadollah Royai

Yadollah Royai (1931-    )
Born in Damqan, northeast of Iran, Yadolleh Royai is the poet of the New Wave or the Poem of Imagination. He is a graduate of college of law and human sciences and he has worked for the state television for several years.

His poetry renewed debate about the relative value of form and context in modern Persian poetry. Yadollah is careful to produce unity in his poems. His sea songs reflect French symbolism. He moves to exotic marine landscape and creates glorious lyrical images, focusing mostly on symbols rather than metaphors in image building. His lyrics are and deeply imbued with Persian mysticism.


Silence seemed a flower bouquet
In my larynx.

The melody of the coast
Was the breeze of my kiss and your open eye-lid.

On the water, the bird of the wind,
Was disturbed in the nest of a thousand sounds.
On waters
The bird was restless.

The sound of the wet thunder, 
And the light, the wet light of the lightening,
Built a mirror in the water
With a luminous frame out of the sea flames.

The breeze of kiss and
Your eye-lid and
The bird of wind,
Grew into fire and smoke
In my larynx
Silence was like a flower bouquet.



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