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Compassionate Activities

Aliza Hava Steps Up to Support the Charter for Compassion

We are very pleased to announce a new alliance between the Charter for Compassion and international musician and social activist, Aliza Hava. Aliza has been composing music for social change for over a decade, and has worked with dozens of organizations promoting peace and justice. She is currently recording a new album with several multi-platinum Grammy winning producers and will be performing at the closing ceremonies of Charter for Compassion Day at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

Aliza is donating a portion of the proceeds from her album sales to advance the mission of the Charter. Come listen, learn more and support Aliza Hava.


About Aliza 

"The arts have always played an important role in inspiring people to reach towards their highest ideals, to touch deep into their emotions and come to a place of healing, while overcoming obstacles and bringing attention to thelarger and more complex issues facing humanity. It is for these reasons that I am committing a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of my upcoming album to The Charter for Compassion. In a world increasingly overcome with prejudice, baseless hatred and intolerance, it is crucial that the ideals of compassion, understanding and kindness are promoted throughout all sectors of society. The Charter for Compassion exemplifies this and puts these principles into action. It is an honor and privilege to support its mission."



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