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Compassionate Activities

The Voices Around The World Choir 2013/14 Sings Unshakeable

The video: The Voices Around The World Choir 2013/14 sings Unshakeable

Each year we invite schools and choirs of young people around the world  - at no financial cost to themselves - to be involved in making an international music recording.  We broke all records this last year with nearly 4000 voices from 42 different countries on the recording - see the video recording of the song Unshakeable below. The 2014/15 project is set to be even bigger! 

Voices Around The World is a not for profit organisation dedicated to linking the voices of young people around the world through music.  This year we we will be taking things to a whole new level. As before we will invite audio recordings to be submitted to go on to the final mix of the song ‘Listen To Us.’ However, we are also asking participating schools/youth organisations to submit a 30 second video of the youngsters succinctly and dramatically expressing their views about what is needed to make their world a better place in the future. The videos will be collated into one video and along with the song mix be presented to the G8 ministers at their next conference.

If you like the idea of being part of the Voices Around The World family ...please go ahead and sign up by clicking the button above. You will then receive all the news as we roll out this year’s project (you will also get free access to all of the choir resources from the last two years).

Resources for the new project are currently being finalised and will be rolled out to schools in the coming months so WATCH THIS SPACE and keep an eye open for the newsletters!

Quote from a British Council International Youth Conference: ‘We are tired of being considered as the people of the future, we want to be the voices of NOW… LISTEN TO US!’



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