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Opening our Eyes to Inequalities and Remedies

Start Date: November 15, 2021

Cost: $25

Duration: 3 weeks

Registration: Now Closed

Guide: Taya Pocock


Humanity 360 introduces Opening our Eyes to Inequalities and Remedies. Led by cultural anthropologist and educator Taya Pocock, this three-week course is designed to familiarize you with three topics of the utmost importance for all walks of contemporary life: human rights, urban poverty, and homelessness.

This course will provide practical information, accompanied by real-life stories, compelling videos, and stimulating prompts that encourage personal reflection, growth, and collaborative thought with your instructor and other participants. Of absolute significance—explore innovative solutions for these global issues, and guidance on how to make change in your own lives, as well as reach out.

There will be two Zoom sessions, where course participants can share their perspectives: 

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Mark your calendars

1. Saturday, November 20th at 8am MST
2. Saturday, December 4th at 8am MST

Check for your local time


What students can expect to learn

As a participant in this course, you will be given an opportunity to

  • Gain valuable insights and knowledge into each topic
  • Recognize personal “affectedness” and how to engage more meaningfully
  • Reach a sense of resolve and empowerment
  • Explore concepts relating to altruism, compassion and social engagement
  • Develop tools they can help you to affect change in your own lives and lives of others


Who Will Benefit

  • Anyone who wants to become more aware of others and concepts of common humanity
  • Anyone who wants to affect change but doesn’t know where to start or what they can do to contribute
  • Anyone interested in bringing this type of curriculum to their respective students/communities
  • Anyone interested in learning about social topics and how each of us can make a difference
  • Anyone who cannot look away anymore and recognizes the importance and relevancy of addressing these topics for resolution and action


Course Overview

Week 1:  Human Rights

Humanity 360’s unit on Human Rights provides students with an understanding behind the concept of and necessity for Human Rights, including the 30 Universal Human Rights declared within The Universal Declaration of Human Rights created by the United Nations back in 1948.

We will introduce the work of Amnesty International through interactive exhibits featuring their Art for Rights campaign.

Discussion of three cases leads to students gaining a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities, toward themselves, others, our environment, and society.  


Week 2: Homelessness and Protection

We will look at the underlying systemic causes of homelessness and efforts being undertaken to combat staggering rates experienced throughout cities across the U.S.

Students experience the work of the Downtown Women’s Center, an award-winning organization located on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, which provides women with social services and housing.

By learning about the work of this organization along with the lives of some of its residents, students find the courage to not look away (which is a common response to homelessness) but instead recognize common humanity and become engaged in solutions.


Week 3:  Urban Poverty and Social Inequality

This unit was filmed in the favela of Bom Jardim, Fortaleza. 

We explore some of the causes for urban poverty, learn about coping and resiliency mechanisms developed by individuals and the larger community in the absence of police protection, and specifically the work of Projeto Provoz, a grassroots organization founded by community members. 

Students are also introduced to the life of Hudson Santiago, a young man who through the inspiration of skate culture, lifted himself out of a landscape of drugs and violence to become a role model for others.


About the Facilitator

Taya Pocock, Founder/Executive Director of Humanity 360

Inspired by a desire to assist youths in understanding the lives of folks in different parts around the world and finding their true purpose in life, Taya Pocock's background as a cultural anthropologist, educator and multi-media agency owner led her to create Humanity 360 in 2016. She has been the driving force behind Humanity 360 and has presented at conferences such as SXSW Interactive in Austin, TX as well as serving on numerous boards of mission-based non-profits.

Taya is passionate about adapting rich media 360 virtual tour and VR applications to exemplify the diversity of the human experience. She is inspired by the tenacity and resiliency of the human spirit. She believes that many individuals making many small changes all around the world is how we build a better world for tomorrow. Through empowerment, community and agency. Taya is a certified teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and, most recently, became a facilitator of Compassionate Integrity Training (CIT).

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