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Charter Education Institute

Become a CEI Volunteer

Photo by geralt on Pixabay

Call for CEI Volunteers

(1) Course Managers:
Receive training on how to manage courses, marketing techniques, registration, loading courses on our Ruzuku platform, and more.

(2) Zoom Assistant:
CEI is increasing synchronous/virtual meetings in its courses. We primarily use Zoom for these meetings.

We are seeking a volunteer who can assist instructors during online meetings by advising on technical problems, setting up breakout rooms, using screen and audio/video shares, as well as working with whiteboards.

(3) Social media consultant:
CEI would like to expand their reach to new student participants in their courses by using social media and marketing tools to reach diverse communities and attract new Charter members, as well as expand use of social media beyond Facebook, to LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and other media, as well as expanded newsletter base.


Please complete our Volunteer Application Form and help us spread compassion training on a global level.


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