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All Paths Divinity School (Santa Monica, CA, USA)

All Paths Divinity School is an on-line, distance-learning institution, where you can earn your advanced degree in Ministry, Theology, or Religious Studies.


Our Mission

There is an unstoppable culture of cooperation emerging and many are being called to be part of this momentum. Our communities have a lot to learn from one another. Our global village needs visionary leadership to navigate us toward a world that works for all. We recognize that many want to live a life of service and find ways to make a difference and "be the change” we wish to see in the world.

All Paths Divinity School was conceived in this spirit to create a global, affordable, innovative online degree programs in Ministry, Theology, and Religious Studies. APDS is designed to facilitate and cultivate understanding, develop skills and build community. Our intention is to foster both deep personal reflection and develop practical skills for the student to enrich both their own lives and the community. 

If any part of this vision or mission resonates with you, we welcome you to take a deeper look into what APDS has to offer you as you continue your journey. We look forward to hearing from you.  


Our Faculty

Our faculty is composed of carefully selected teachers/mentors, each with considerable experience in their particular fields. Through collaboration with other educational institutions and cultural organizations around the world, we help each student discover and access the best tools for their own spiritual exploration. 



Religious education is not regulated by the federal government’s Department of Education or it’s regional accrediting bodies. Ministry, Divinity, and Theology degrees from Seminaries and Divinity Schools fall into this special category


Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA

Website: All Paths Divinity School



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