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Ananda College of Living Wisdom (Gaston, OR, USA)

Higher Education for Higher Consciousness

Ananda College of Living Wisdom offers a very special approach to learning, beginning with our motto “Higher Education for Higher Consciousness”. This focus on higher consciousness permeates the classes you will attend, the environment you will live in, the friendships you will form, and even the meals you will eat. For students who value this kind of growth, the college offers the fulfillment of a dream that may have seemed unachievable in contemporary society.

Our purpose is to extend the scope of modern education beyond the common preoccupation with facts and a knowledge of external conditions. By incorporating the term Living Wisdom in our name, we commit ourselves to cultivating the inner sense of knowing that is at the core of all true spiritual traditions. In becoming a student at ACLW, you will enter an environment created to help you explore and deepen your own experience of inner truth. This foundation of inner truth and self-knowing provides the basis for constructing a life that can bring lasting fulfillment and meaning.


Personalized Learning for the mind

Ananda College creates a learning environment tailored to you, to enhance your strengths and bolster any areas of weakness, allowing you to more fully realize your potential for learning and for living. Rather than a static, structured curriculum in which you simply show up and complete assignments, you take an active, hands-on approach to education, working with your advisor to create the optimum program, assignments, and classes that will ignite your imagination and enhance your academic journey.


Inner Discovery for the spirit

Education is not only what can be learned outwardly; it is also what can be learned inwardly. The inner discovery program is uniquely created by each student with the guidance of his or her advisor, and can include activities such as yoga, mediation, journaling, and other practices that provide a deeper insight into one’s own true self. To emphasize the importance of inner discover, you will earn academic credit for documented work of inner discovery.


Transforming Community for the heart

Learning and inner discovery do not thrive in a vacuum. You will have the opportunity to discover a deep purpose to life by sharing what you have learned and experienced with others. The service-learning component of our program offers direct application of the theories you study, an opportunity to serve and transform the larger community. You will have the option of choosing your area of service from possibilities such as sustainability projects, intentional community projects, working with animals, or assisting those in need.


Location: Gaston, OR, USA

Website: Ananda University



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