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Compassionate Colleges and Universities

Central Connecticut State University (New Britain, CT, USA)*


The CCSU Student Handbook states that it is in the best interest of students “to help create a world, a community, and a campus of compassion, equality, and justice for all people”, and

That Central Connecticut State University aspires to be a community of learners, and to be recognized or graduating broadly educated culturally and globally aware students who contribute to their communities as engaged professionals and citizens, and

As leaders in an academic community, it is our responsibility to role model behavior that fosters mutual respect and provides a safe environment for all human beings regardless of race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, and socioeconomic status, and

Compassion has the power to break down political, dogmatic, ideological, and religious boundaries, and promote a fulfilled humanity through improved human relationships and ethical behavior, and

Scientific research has shown that compassion helps to build human connections and a sense of community and plays a critical role in childhood development and the emotional health and well-being of all humans, and

Service is a strong part of CCSU’s heritage in which students, faculty, staff and alumni engage with others to improve their community,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate endorses the CCSU Campus of Compassion Campaign and endorses the appointment of a Presidential Committee representative of students, faculty and staff, that is responsible for overseeing policies, procedures, and methods to evaluate the impact of initiatives carried out to weave the principle of compassion into the fabric of CCSU university life and its neighboring communities.


Compassion Program at Central Connecticut University

The Forum for Contemplative Practices, based in the Department of Counseling and Family Therapy at Central Connecticut State University, is open to students, faculty, and interested individuals from the central Connecticut area who wish to explore emerging theory and research of contemplative practices in teaching and the practice of counseling and psychotherapy and who are interested in practicing mindfulness and meditation. The Forum generally meets on a monthly basis to practice meditation and other mindfulness-based exercises and plan events to familiarize others in the community with the benefits of contemplative practices.



To integrate contemplative practices into our personal and professional lives in order to foster health, wholeness and wellness. By developing a deeper connection to self and others we strive for a more just, peaceful, sustainable, and compassionate world.



To create a forum for students and faculty to introduce and integrate the emerging theory and research of contemplative practices (CP) into teaching and the practice of counseling and psychotherapy and, to:

  • Explore CP's healing and empowering benefits
  • Promote personal awareness
  • Deepen empathic connections
  • Encourage unconditional acceptance of self and other

Location: New Britain, CT, USA

Website: CCSU

Facebook Page: Central Connecticut State University



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