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Chrysalis Institute (Richmond, VA, USA)

Chrysalis Institute is a vibrant resource and learning center for exploring insights and practices drawn from the world’s spiritual traditions, philosophies and contemporary science. Chrysalis encourages spiritual growth and exploration beyond the conventional boundaries of any one faith.

We offer a bounty of innovative programs, from lectures to workshops to practice groups. Quarterly silent retreats acknowledge the change of seasons and provide opportunities to reflect in a natural setting, while our labyrinth welcomes all seekers to connect to self and spirit through this ancient practice. Nationally recognized spiritual leaders, visionaries, and scientists share their expertise in keynote presentations. And book talks and movie nights give participants a chance to examine their own ideas. 

Our Institute faculty of experts in spiritual development share their knowledge and recommend further sources through our online Chrysalis Learning Space, a topically themed library of articles, links, and learning experiences. Chrysalis offers leading-edge resources to open diverse paths for spiritual growth. Join us! 


Location: Richmond, VA, USA

Facebook Page: Chrysalis Institute



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