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Co3 Consulting:Co-Creating Cohesive Communities (Bothell, WA, USA)

Since our inception, Co3 Consulting has focused on shifting paradigms, changing patterns and building resiliency.


Can you imagine a society that is able to pull closer together amidst challenges and adversity with determination and encouragement, instead of falling apart with resistance and fear?

Rather than our culture defining who we are as individuals, what if we could learn how to embrace the beauty of our individuality, instead of harming each other because of our differences?

What would it look like if YOU were able to create an environment that eliminated negative rhetoric and instead fostered an inquiry-based communication of openness and trust?

These concepts are not merely idealistic discourse; if learned and accepted into the heart of every individual, we can radically transform the way we exist with each other.

This is what Co3 Consulting is about. We teach, mentor and develop a number of individuals collectively to move toward a dynamically different methodology of how we interact with each other.

Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell is a dynamic instructor who demonstrates that the best gift we can give ourselves and others is the practice of resilience; our ability to promote positive emotional perceptions and manage our stress-induced reactions.

A certified trainer of the Institute of HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage Program and a graduate from Antioch University’s Masters of Whole Systems Design, Gerry understands the importance of co-creating change and the dialogue of learning together. She believes that through systemic thinking and daily resilience practice, we are able to move towards cultivating an environment of cohesive and synchronicity.

To add to her list of credentials, Gerry has her Graduate Certificates in Systems Thinking and Design, Integrated Skills for Sustainable Change, and Permaculture Design. She also holds a lifetime membership with the Ving Tsun Athletic Association and is acknowledged as a Martial Arts Instructor in the Wing Chun Kung-Fu principals.


Location: Bothell, Washington, USA

Website: CO3 Consulting




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