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Haramaya University (Dire Dawa, Ethiopia)

Haramaya University is one of the most prominent and prestigious universities in Ethiopia. The University has educated a number of individuals who have contributed to the improvement and development of the world. A good recent example is Professor Gebisa Ejeta, who has received the World Food Prize, an honour that is considered by many to be the Nobel Prize of agriculture. The University has been the knowledge pool for many other intellectuals, who have made their mission helping human kind and improving our earth.

As one of the first and oldest institutions of higher learning in Ethiopia, strives to be among the leading universities recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in learning, teaching, research and community engagement. Great efforts are being made to produce qualified and successful graduates. For this to become a reality, our instructors are constantly updating their teaching methods to challenge students to get the most out of their learning. Hence, the university is not only an amazing place to spend unforgettable student years, but it is also a place where students can develop intellectually and get a degree that is respected by employers around the world.


Historical Background

Haramaya University, formerly known as Alemaya University, was established with the initiative of Emperor Haile Selassie in 1954 based on the need for modernizing Ethiopian agriculture in particular and education in general through the establishment of an agricultural college and training. It was based on the emperor’s wish that the college is founded at its current location. Up until 1963, Oklahoma State University was given the mandate to establish and operate the college. In the past few years the university has witnessed tremendous expansion in terms of fields of study and facilities.


Core Values


A commitment to offer the best education, research and community engagements; promotion of quality and excellence in staff members through professional development activities; promotion of the development and well-being of each member of the campus community, which in turn fosters a strong commitment to the institution.


Context Sensitivity

A strong sense of response to the national and international dynamic socio eonomic and biophysical changes; preparing students for a technologically changing world; being adaptive and responsive in developing and delivering programs and services; a strong future orientation and a willingness to make long-term commitments, when necessary, as well as the flexibility to respond quickly to meet regional and national needs.



Respect for work as a means of existence and development; a commitment to perform as signed duties to the best of one’s knowledge and abilities.


Collaborative Spirit

Culture of working cooperatively within a group and with other research groups; developing the “we” spirit and joint responsibility.


Customer Care

A commitment to give first priority and due respect to customers.


Effectiveness and Efficiency

A strong belief in creating and utilizing knowledge, skills and other resources for cost effective conversion into outputs.


Professional Ethics

A commitment to a high standard of integrity; being consistently honest and trustworthy and behaving in an ethical manner, taking ownership for ones behaviour and responsibilities.



Recognizing, Understanding and appreciating the existence of diversity among human beings; listening to ideas and viewpoints although they may contradict, fairness and judiciousness in assessing and evaluating ideas and viewpoints held by others; supporting colleagues who stand up for what they believe is right, and allowing them to make mistakes and take risks in pursuit of goals, which may push them outside their comfort zones.



Constantly pushing oneself to new frontiers of knowledge; welcoming new perspectives and ways of looking at things; examining critically long-held beliefs and habits; appreciating the power of imagination in oneself and in others; willingness to change and to accept change.


Social Responsibility

Contributing towards the development of the nation; participating in community engagement; using expertise for the improvement and development of the community and the nation; respecting the wellbeing of the environment and its sustainability.

Location: Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Website: Haramaya University



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