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Compassionate Colleges and Universities

Holistic Science Institute (Ashland, OR, USA)

Holistic Science Institute facilitates the experience of peace and harmony with your immediate and extended environment, starting with yourself, by providing the tools and education. Inducing the holy state of cosmic consciousness and presence, the very forms of human expression the saints and sages of all traditions and ages agree upon. 

True science never rests its case; it consists of probing deeper and deeper and staying open and humble to unpredicted turns. We do not live in a finite system, so why behave like it? 

Instead of “productivity” and “profit” being the driving forces behind the research at HSI, thoroughness, diligence and compassion are the first priority. Shortsighted technology and solutions or life harming practices are unacceptable as our goal is to ensure a heritage of at least “a healing eco system”, beauty and well being for our children. 

We offer clean holistic solutions and compassionate generous action for humanitarian and environmental crisis situation as well as healing and remediation technology for all walks and aspects of life worldwide

Location: Ashland, Oregon, USA

Website: Holistic Science Institute



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