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Katherine Anne Porter School (Wimberley, TX, USA)

Katherine Anne Porter School faculty and staff work to foster an appreciation for learning. It is our goal to nurture individual interestsand work together to enhance the community responsibility of our students.

  • In small classes, using an integrated and practical approach, students join together in a learning community in an accredited high school.
  • Founded in 1998 by Dr. Yana Bland, superintendent, and many others, Katherine Anne Porter School celebrates diversity and creativity in a vibrant community.
  • A dedicated team of teachers provide rigor and relevance in instruction, as well as support and advocacy in relationships.
  • Reading comprehension, media literacy, writing skills, creative thinking, science and mathematical calculation are keynotes of the KAPS learning community.
  • Enrollment for the following school year begins in May.


Location: Wimberley, Texas, USA

Facebook Page: Katherine Anne Porter School (KAP School)



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