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Manipur International University (Imphal, Meghalaya, India) 

Manipur International University (MIU) is an Autonomous Public University established and recognised by the State Government of Manipur.

MIU has been declared as an "International University of Excellence" and as an "Institution of State Importance".



The mission of the Manipur International University is to provide high quality higher education with emphasis on educating the nation's rural and tribal communities by offering respected, relevant, accessible, affordable, and student-focused programs that prepare students for service and leadership in a diverse, global society.

The university seeks to use the medium of education to connect India with the world. The university aims to open the doors of Indian Higher Education System to rest of the world, while welcoming opportunities, talent, and technology from rest of the world.

The University has partnered and continues to partner with numerous Government and Non-Government bodies, Local, National and International Organizations, Multinational Companies and Individuals.


Location: Imphal, Meghalaya, India



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