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Compassionate Colleges and Universities

Mount Saint Vincent University Student Union (Halifax, NS, CANADA)*

The Mount is strongly rooted in compassion and social justice. Founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1873, The Mount was one of the only institutions of higher education for women in Canada, at a time when women weren’t able to vote. In a society where division of gender is apparent in wages and leadership positions, the Mount strides to enrich our community with equitable governance and excellence. Today, students from over 60 different countries are at the Mount, representing a wide-range of diversity. 

Our vision is to make a difference through nurturing socially responsible citizens via accountable and equitable governance. Through action, we continuously stride to create a community based on respect, inclusion, wellness and engagement. We are committed to offer high-quality leadership and services that support our diverse student population. 

We place much emphasis on creating dialogue with our community, particularly our students. We are continuously holding discussion group facilitation, accessible events, creating safe spaces and striving to be environmentally responsible. 

Through collaborations on campus and in the community, we work on fostering a more welcoming, inclusive and caring space for everyone.


Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada



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