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Servant Leadership School (Washington, DC, USA)

During the early years of The Church of the Saviour, there was much talk about starting a “people’s seminary” modeled after Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s “underground seminary.” The original vision was to create an institution that would develop urban ministry leaders, both spiritually and practically. Decades later, in the fall of 1986, the first “servant leadership” class was offered at Christ House, a medical recovery center for the homeless.

Three years later, the Servant Leadership School opened its doors in the heart of the historic Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC. Since 1989, the School has been housed inside the Festival Center, a meeting place and crossroads for many ministries and groups whose roots can be traced to The Church of the Saviour and its traditions.

For two decades now, the Servant Leadership School has been a catalyst for Christian discipleship, theological reflection and social activism. The School maintains the belief that individual and community transformation begins with spiritual formation and personal commitment. True to its original mission, the Servant Leadership School remains a place where people of various backgrounds, interests and life journeys can be equipped to be servant leaders in ways that support justice and community.  Our offerings include classes, events and workshops around topics ranging from servant leadership to social analysis, centering prayer to engaging the powers, and anti-racism to addictions recovery.

Location: Washington D.C., USA



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