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Compassionate Colleges and Universities

Zayed University Dubai (Dubai, UAE)


Zayed University will prepare qualified graduates who are able to contribute to building the nation through offering specializations and programs of study which match international standards and by providing an excellent learning environment to strengthen the role of the university as a leader in the progress of scientific research and community service. 


University Values 

  • A collaborative Educational community where students, faculty and staff work together in pursuit of research and knowledge. 
  • Attention to professional ethics by adhering to the highest standards of personal conduct, based on respect, honesty, objectivity, accountability and transparency in practice and discipline. 
  • Innovation through adoption and development of the highest global practices in teaching, learning and research. 
  • Teamwork and cooperation to ensure the achievement of Zayed University’s mission and strategic objectives with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Leadership based on administrative excellence and continuous communication amongst all University stakeholders and openness to other cultures, dealing consciously and positively with them, both inside and outside the university community.


Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates



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