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We Dine Together

We Dine Together was co-founded by high school student, Denis Estimon. Following graduation, Estimon brought We Dine Together to Be Strong, a student-led movement sweeping across schools around the world. Our family aims to provide a proactive & comprehensive solution to schools + communities. We Dine Together is our catalyst-for-change initiative in schools. We believe lasting relationships and impact happen over the table. Each We Dine Together family is led by a Be Strong Student State Representative - leading change monthly in four key areas: Resilience Training, Acts of Kindness, Advocacy and Awareness - all while maintaining our mission, so no one eats alone.

The We Dine Together family is made up of schools from all over the country and now the world, who are taking a seat at the table to create a more inclusive world. We believe that creating more inclusive environments is the key to growing communities filled with servant leaders.

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