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Jennifer J. Wilhoit

Jennifer J. Wilhoit

Jennifer J. Wilhoit, Ph.D. is a spiritual ecologist, published author, and creative. Her photography, nature journaling, and nature altars (sacred sculptures made in and from nature) have a strong focus on tree life. She founded TEALarbor stories through which she compassionately supports people’s creative and healing processes by drawing from nature’s wisdom. Jennifer is widely published on a variety of subjects including nature-based approaches to creativity and healing; hospice and grief/loss issues; nature-derived arts and crafts; and peacemaking in high-conflict contexts. All her creative work, research, and service offerings focus on the inner/outer landscape. She is an active member of the global compassion, interfaith, and gratitude movements and has served for the past twenty-one years as a hospice volunteer, sacred vigiler, and bereavement coach. 

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