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Celebrate Trees

Get others in your community enthused about the project. Reach out to other individuals and organizations and get them to participate in the CTP. These reach-outs will produce the Leaves/Flowers/Fruits of the Compassion Tree Project and save us all from the 6th Great Extinction. Spread the word.  Talk up your local efforts.  Write an editorial about CTP.  Speak to local civic and community leaders.  Get everyone talking about CTP.

Plan and sponsor a ceremony to honor the planting of a Compassion Tree or Grove. Involve your Community.  Sing a song! The award-winning composer, Alan Menken donated the rights to the song, "Tree by Tree by Tree" which he wrote to support the planting of trees (along with peace and understanding -which is what compassion is all about). A copy of the sheet music is available so your choir can sing it while honoring the planting of your compassion trees. Commemorate your Compassion Tree with a plaque. We’ve designed a plaque - complete with logos and wording - to be produced at your local sign/trophy shop.



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