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San Antonio, Texas, USA

San Antonio Climate Reality Tree Planting

Local collaborators from City offices, environmental groups, educational institutions, faith-based organizations and nonprofits are taking climate concerns seriously by engaging San Antonians in planting 20,000 trees in 2020. Mayor Ron Nirenberg will ceremonially and symbolically plant a tree at the Headwaters of the San Antonio River. Speakers from all the collaborators, including the Mayor, will address the details of the local Compassion Tree Project as well as providing information about the necessity of local projects, global efforts and partnerships.

Reforestation is one of the main ecosystem restoration methods and the most effective way to help decrease global warming. There is a symbiosis between humans and trees that is cultural, spiritual, physical and communal that spans the planet and crosses all time. Our children’s future on the earth depends upon mutual responsibility in this restorative process. The Compassion Tree Project is locally and globally planned to offset being behind the curve in this essential restoration. 

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” Chinese proverb

This media event and tree planting coincides within the month-long Climate Action Project and a month of SanAntonio environmental events, tree adoptions and plantings leading up in preparation to Texas Arbor Day on November 6.

San Antonio Compassion Tree Project


The Mayor joins the Project

Climate Reality Tree Planting from Storysmith Studios on Vimeo.

San Antonio is planting 20,000 trees in 2020. After a challenge from their Sister City of Monterrey, Mexico (also a Compassionate City), San Antonio rolled up its sleeves and now has partnerships between Compassionate San Antonio, the City's Parks & Recreation, Office of Sustainability, Gardenopia, nonprofits, universities, philanthropists and more. A community launch began in January 2020 at the annual Blessing of the Peacemakers. During the Blessing the announcement of the 2020 San Antonio Peace Laureates occurred and the 3 Laureates all received a Mountain Laurel to plant along with planting shovels. The City launch will occur at the Earth Day Celebration, April 18th by the mayor pro temp who said Yes to Monterrey's challenge.

In addition, this coming June will mark the first Compassion Institute* in San Antonio. The Institute strives to teach 1-2 teachers from every pre-K, elementary, middle & high school and every college and university in the City. That will add up to 1000-2000 teachers. During the fall planting season a compassion tree or a compassion grove of trees will be planted at each of the schools that participate in the Institute -- officially claiming that school as a Compassion School. Be ready for plenty of pictures!

*The 2020 Compassion Institute is a pilot project between Compassionate San Antonio and the International Charter for Compassion.

In coordination with the Compassion Tree Project core team, the Parks and Recreation Department will serve as the City’s lead department. This will include compiling suggestions and information from partners as well as tracking and tabulating all tree planting efforts associated with this project. The Parks and Recreation Department manages the Tree Mitigation and Canopy Protection funds and has led the City’s effort to increase tree canopy throughout San Antonio. Since 2006, over 100,000 trees have been adopted out or planted with these funds.


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