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Sector Connections

Photo by Sid Balachandran on Unsplash

The Social Justice and Environment Sectors recognize marginalized communities suffer the most from

  • Air, land, and water pollution
  • Inequitable land distribution
  • Food and water scarcity
  • Earth injustice related to extraction of resources


Compassion serves as the foundation of our sectors by fostering empathy and advocacy for those individuals, communities, and ecosystems who are suffering from injustices. 


We are working together toward

  • addressing the intersectionality of the social and environmental issues which lead to injustice.
  • promoting equitable regulations for the greater good. 
  • promoting environmental policy decisions which include the voices of diverse populations in making those decisions.
  • embracing  the Earth Justice and Intersectional Environmentalism movements.
  • evaluating and educating others regarding the effects of white supremacy and dominance on the environment. 


Shared Activities

  • Participate in Heal the Waters (a water ceremony held annually on May 1st)
  • Address Environmental Racism
  • Participate in 40 Days of Peace (annually during January)
  • Encourage participation in the Compassion Tree Project
  • Promote food and water security across the world
  • Developed a Global Land Acknowledgment for Charter use.


See other activities that relate to the Environment Sector:



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