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Disruptive Kindness

by Olivia McIvor


Olivia McIvor Disruptive Kindness

by Olivia McIvor


Date: Wednesday, August 23 at 9 AM PDT
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The keenly researched, client focused approach explored in this book will enrich the emotional culture of any organization, ensuring that people feel safe, are provided space to flourish and opportunities to be their best selves.

Throughout the recent global pandemic, The world watched as kindness disrupted ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.  Disruptive Kindness offers a new narrative, one that can be applied to employee engagement as well as methodologies on how to operationalize kind behaviours so they are a part of role competencies and company behaviour expectations.

Offering people a safe workplace, an emotionally conscious workplace is a foundational expectation today. And retention and engagement in your enterprise has everything to do with how people feel when they work for you. Written by an HR expert, this book shows you how to start having important conversations around what it means to have a resilient enterprise.

What this book offers:

  • How rising workplace incivility can be decreased with empathy.
  • How optimism changes the employee experience.
  • How hiring for character, in tandem with skills, can change your group dynamics.
  • How resilient teams bounce back from setbacks and get back on track more quickly.
  • How the power of social connection increases employee engagement.
  • How to counsel someone kindly during difficult conversations.
  • How to cultivate courage to stand up for someone or something you believe in.
  • How to make others feel valued, respected, and heard in your presence.
  • How integrity and trust differentiate you from your colleagues.
  • How making people feel like they belong is the ultimate in teamwork.


About the Author Olivia McIvor

“There isn’t anything I haven’t seen that you could surprise me with.” says, Ms. McIvor, emphasising that she doesn’t wear this as a badge of honour, rather, as a statement that brings her sadness and a driving motivation to be a social change advocate in organizations. Throughout her 35 years in Human Resource management, she has witnessed the grief and joy that comes to work every day in the wake of suicides, divorces, bullying, addictions, mental, emotional and physical illness, and workaholism all culminating to a lack of human civility. The fallout is a lack of individual and organizational resilience and unrest. 

And, she will quickly add, she has also seen the power of healing that comes from workplaces that intentionally and tenderly take care of their emotional culture; Kindness is the new morale and disrupter. As a social researcher, educator, author and speaker, Ms. McIvor no longer doubts the power of kindness as a social change strategy to support organizations to get to the root causes of problems instead of only addressing the symptoms.

Olivia is the author of four books: The Business of Kindness, Four Generations-One Workplace, I See You and her newest book Disruptive Kindness.   


She teaches in the School of Business at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Visit Ms. McIvor’s LinkedIn profile or her Website


About the Host

IMG-7558 Activating People to Create a Kinder, Better World

Karyn Ross is on a mission to Activate People to Create a Kinder, Better World by giving them practical ways to act, speak and think kindly. An artist, TEDx speaker, internationally known consultant, coach and award-winning author, Karyn’s sixth book, The Kind Leader: A Practical Guide to Eliminating Fear, Creating Trust and Leading with Kindness is a must read for everyone who leads people at work, at home and in the community.

Karyn is the owner of Karyn Ross Consulting and The New School for Kind Leaders, giving leaders and organizations the strategies and practical skills they need to create better, kinder, more effective and efficient ways to work.

As the Founder and President of The Love and Kindness Project Foundation, a registered public charity and grass-roots movement spreading kindness person-to-person around the world, Karyn knows that every kind act, every kind word and every kind thought makes a huge, positive difference.

Kind Leadership - Love and Kindness ProjectKaryn Ross Consulting website



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