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Global Read

We Are All Flowers

by Orlaith O'Sullivan


We Are All Flowers

Global Read for Kids and Company: We Are All Flowers

by Orlaith O'Sullivan, PhD

We are excited to offer our inaugural Global Read for Kids and Company: A story of appreciating others.


This Global Read was held on Saturday, May 13, 9 am Pacific Time
Check your local times using this date/time converter.

Cost: Suggested donation $10 US.
We will offer this program free to those whose resources are limited.

Watch a recording of the program here

A rhyming, charming exploration of “flower-watering”—the art of appreciating others—for kids.

We are all flowers! We all need to be seen and genuinely appreciated to be our best selves, just like flowers need water. This fun and sweet book introduces children to the practice of flower-watering: the-much needed art of recognizing and appreciating good qualities in the people around you, which brightens and lifts everyone’s spirits.

Also includes a section on watering your own flowers to grow your own self-esteem.

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About the Author Orlaith O'Sullivan, PhD

Orlaith O’Sullivan is a mindfulness educator, poet, and writer whose work has been shortlisted for the William Trevor International Short Story Competition and the J. G. Farrell Award. She is the winner of the Fish-Knife Award for Crime and The Stinging Fly Prize. She holds a PhD in Renaissance English literature and has taught widely, from Beowulf to feminist science fiction.

On the mindfulness and SEL side, Orlaith O’Sullivan is a founding member of the Community of Contemplative Education, Mind & Life Europe’s group to cultivate human flourishing through education, which offers research, evidence-base, and overviews to deepen our understanding of what works and how. O’Sullivan is the International Coordinator of Wake Up Schools,the award-winning grassroots organization for mindfulness in education. She lives in Dublin, Ireland.


About the Host Shane O´Connor, GoldenRuleism Coordinator

Shane has worked internationally as a facilitator, trainer and educator in a wide range of areas from Peace and Global Education, Youth Work for professionals to teacher training workshops. He has more than two decades of experience working for local peace and human rights organizations, as well as larger International NGOs and educational institutions in the Global North and South. Over the past number of years, Shane has developed & led the CIT (Compassionate Integrity Training) Education Initiative and Coordinated the Global Education Network. He has also nurtured CITs strategic partnership with UNESCO/MGIEP. Now having joined the Charter for Compassion in 2022, in the Education Sector as the Golden Ruleism Coordinator, he continues co-creating and expanding compassion throughout the education community around the world.



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